I do not believe in styles anymore


Friday 16. June 2017, 20.00 Uhr

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"Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.“ Bruce Lee

They train to fight. They fight with their own bodies. vorschlag:hammer are hopelessly untrained. Especially for their new production they are subjecting themselves to a week-long professional martial arts programme. They do simulated stunts and really beat each other up. They use violence on others and allow others to use violence on them.

Welcome to the world of Bruce Lee!

The group actually wants to find out how our identity, our bodies and the omni-present use of discipline are connected with each other. And what does the use of physical power really mean for a society? They are inspired by Bruce Lee’s legacy: his films, his fights, his way of thinking. How do we differentiate between a real fight and the games we see on the stage, the screen and on sports grounds.



Von und mit: Ralph Tristan Engelmann, Gesine Hohmann, Kristofer Gudmundsson, Stephan Stock 
Produktionsleitung: Bernhard la Dous

Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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