Back to where things can go forward


Labor / Keynote Lecture / Performance
09.-18. Februar 2018
Egfka Ausschnitt6 2, Copyright EGfKA

The EGfKA wants to go back to where things can go forward. But when was that exactly? 1524, 1791, 1917? And where is forwards anyway?
In preparation for their new piece, PAST FORWARD, the EGfKA spent a week researching into “Histopias” - historical utopias. From the Peasants’ Wars and the Haitian Revolution to our bogged down present, long-buried potentials are uncovered again. They head into history at a run and take course for a future which deserves its name. The group allows itself to be visited upon by revolutionary spirits and to be tempted into taking pot-shots at clocks.

Max Haiven & Cassie Thornton
Vortrag | 11. Feb 2018
University of the Phoenix: From Spectres of the Past to Ghosts of the Futures
Max Haiven & Cassie Thornton
Séance | 12. Feb 2018
PAST FORWARD - Die Preview Performance
Preview | 17. Feb 2018
Past forward
Performance / Theater / Tanz | Premiere 03. May 2018 / 05. May 2018
EGfKA Doppelpass 2018
EGfKA | Performing Politics of Care
Labore, Vorträge, Theater und Performance | 2018

Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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