Interesting Times


Theater / Performance
Friday 26. January 2018, 20.00 Uhr
Saturday 27. January 2018, 20.00 Uhr
Interesting Times, Copyright Stephan Glagla
According to a Chinese proverb, you wish “interesting times” on people who you hate: turbulent, troubled times in which everything can change completely, in which everything is at stake. How is our unrest connected with the unrest in the world? And how can we cope with it together? The musical theatre performance Interesting Times is a study into the productive potential inherent in the unrest that the human race is facing right now. kainkollektiv suggests we prepare to fight in and against the interesting times, and draws scenic, choreographic and musical temperature curves which reach out from individual bodies into the world and are rejected again. Starting material is provided both by unrest on a personal level and the unrest out there in the world.


Konzept / Inszenierung / Text: kainkollektiv (Lettow/Schmuck)

Ausstattung / Bühne / Kostüme: Kathrin Ebmeier
Regieassistenz: Jacob Voges

Kainensemble: Moritz Anthes, Antoine Effroy, David Guy Kono, Bianca Künzel, Dominik Meder, Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling, Zora Snake, Maria Vogt, Calvin Yugye

Produktionsleitung / Dramaturgie: Mina Novakova

Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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