Scutum Studies

Kollektiv Zoo

Performance / Tanz
Friday 21. September 2018, 17.00 Uhr

Walls are currently a sign of reactionary thinking and a policy of isolation. 200 years ago, barricades were built up on the streets of Paris to fight against backwards-looking politics. Now something new is piling up on the street, in the middle of Mülheim.  

People meet on furniture, car doors and building materials, move them and are moved by them. Everyday materials are converted into walls and shields. Formations and constructions emerge that change the public space. (The paragraph for the website)  

A living and mobile architecture, similar to the way the Romans created it with the help of their legendary "Scutum" shields. What will the barricade stand for or against? Who decides on their meaning?


MIT: Seulki Hwang, Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte, Laura Brechmann, Giulio Hesse und dem Kollektiv ZOO

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Ort Stadtmitte | | Mülheim an der Ruhr

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