Women's empowerment to mark International Women's Day

Silent University Ruhr

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Saturday 16. March 2019, 16.00 Uhr

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Frauen Empowerment Netzwerk Cr Björn Stork, Copyright Björn Stork | polynice

For the third time, the Women's Empowerment Network at the Silent University Ruhr is organising a day of action. Women from very different contexts will come together to discuss a wide range of topics. Always with a large international buffet and child care.  

This time, three lectures will address the socioeconomic and political situation of women and their sexuality in German society. Which structures are pushing women into disadvantaged positions in almost all parts of the world? How can women's rights be strengthened in the sexual, professional, and social context, both in public and in private?

1) Assertion of women’s sexual rights | Lolita Agatep-Foy from the Philippines
2) Sexual reassertion | Mona Alshabani from Irak
3) Intellectual Isolation | Safeiah Ahmad from Syria

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