Guardians of Sleep

David Weber-krebs

Saturday 19. February 2022, 20.00 Uhr

Info: film language: DE / subtitles: EN | zoom-talk language: DE/ live-translation: EN

David Weber Krebs the guardians of sleep 5 Luca Mattei

Who watches over our sleep? As part of our summer festival ARK Mülheim (2021), the Guardians of Sleep invited us to a Late Night Zoom Call. David Weber-Krebs reworked his live performance of the same name for pandemic reasons and brought performers from his team into dialogue with people from Mülheim whose biographies cast a spotlight on the darkness.

Director Caterina Erica Shanta accompanied the process and documented fragments of lived, possible and impossible lives from Mülheim an der Ruhr with her camera. In the stream of images, fiction and reality become blurred. The media overstimulation of the present leads to a shared sleeping experience. Radical intimacy is demanded in times of social distancing.

In the end, who watches over whose sleep?


The online event starts at 8pm with an introductory talk with David Weber-Krebs & Caterina Erica Shanta via Zoom. Afterwards we will watch the film GUARDIANS OF SLEEP together. Subsequently, there will be the opportunity to meet again via Zoom for a follow-up discussion.

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Meeting ID: 885 3611 6024

ID code: 765352

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Konzept, Regie: David Weber-Krebs

Film: Caterina Erica Shanta
Künstlerische Assistenz und Produktionsleitung: Simone Basani
Performance: Irena Radmanovic, Peter Helmke, Petra Werchohlad, Annette Dietz, Jan Rohwedder, Julien Bruneau, Dorothee Schepers, Alondra Arreola Castellanos
Theaterpädagogische Begleitung: Elizabeth Sterzer

Dank an: Luanda Casella, Matthew Day, Zoë Demoustier, Hidde Aans-Verkade, Ayrton Fraenk, Len Pillen, Dennis Tiecken, Juriaan de Vos, Luuk Weers, Vincent van Woerkom, Jan Fedinger, Martin Kaffarnik, Anne Catherine Kunz, Leonie Persyn, Marie Urban, Lara Staal, Julian Eckstein und Sebastien Hendrickx

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