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Diverse, multi-ethnic, and post-migratory: our society is undergoing constant change. We want to (re-)present this reality once again with the third edition of HundertPro Festival!

A great variety of arts - from contemporary dance, theatre and performance to new circus and physical theatre to comedy and stand-up - are represented on an equal footing.

In doing so, HUNDERTPRO deliberately focuses on post-migrant young artists and various groups selected from almost 100 applications from NRW and across Germany. Even if all the world's a stage, one often has to wonder whether the stage shows all the world. There are still far too few signs that we live in a diverse society.


Come as you are teil 2, Copyright Bernhard Musil

Come as you are # teil 2

Nir de Volff / Total Brutal | Dance

What does time do to our dreams, needs, losses? Which chapters are new, rewritten, updated, which are deleted? “Come as you are # teil 2” [Come as you are # part 2] is the continuation of an ongoing research on the cultural adaptation of Syrian dancers in the German dance performance landscape, five years after their arrival. In personal monologues and solos, with a lot of improvisation, they shared their struggles, nightmares and fears, their feeling of alienation, their hopes and dreams. Can the dancers save the history that their bodies brought with them?


Nir de Volff's choreography performs his dancers' inner turmoil between identities and realities, the struggle for themselves, space and shape. The choreographer looks back on engagements with various companies in Tel Aviv and on the Israeli tour of Pina Bausch's "Victor". He has worked with She She Pop, Maxim Gorki, and the Frankfurt Opera among others, and works internationally with his company Total Brutal.


Concept and Choreography: Nir de Volff

By and with: Medhat Aldaabal, Mouafak Aldoabl, als Gast Haidar Darvish (The Darvish)

Music: Mathieu Poterie

Costume and stage design: Darwin Stapel

Costume and stage design assistance: Alfie Mor & Sophie Schling

Light design: Asier Solana Arce

Production management: Till Rothmund & Jill Emerson

Communication: k3 berlin

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Abdul Kader Chahin

Comedy / Poetry Slam

He feels right at home with satire, sarcasm and irony! Abdul Kader Chahin deals with all those "integration issues" and, with good humour, hurls clichés and prejudices back towards those who caused them.


Abdul Kader Chahin studies history and philosophy in Essen, but the stage is his passion. Ten years ago he discovered the theatre and has since tried his hand as an actor and co-director. He found himself doing poetry slam amongst forays into radio shows. At HundertPro you can hear texts that were written during lockdown.

Fixed | Akasha Daley, Copyright Meret König


Akasha Daley | Physical Theatre

People of colour are confronted with innumerable barriers in life, be it the pay gap, racial profiling or police violence. However, the most treacherous barriers are those that remain invisible, that only become visible when experienced first-hand. These microaggressions are so destructive because the rest of the world doesn't seem to understand them, since they do not experience them themselves. Akasha Daley draws attention to this and addresses the struggle, the hopelessness and the strength of PoC in her performance, which combines physical theatre, video and lecture performance. Her passion for poetry is powerfully combined with her desire to make untold and unseen stories audible as performative inner monologues.


Akasha Daley was born and raised in England. She found her passion for theatre and dance early on in life. Since 2019 she has been studying Physical Theatre at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. Before that, she was a long-time member of the "National Youth Theatre of Great Britain". Akasha's special skills and interests are "storytelling" in theatrical spaces, which move her audience in many ways.

Amjad Foto Nadine Dilly jpeg e1582724410745, Copyright Nadine Dilly



Amjad manages to present his personal experiences, which aren't all funny, with a lot of humour. The culture-themed entertainment sets range from the advantages of having falafel with sauerkraut as fast food, to bizarre weddings at which an ISIS supporter marries an Orthodox Christian. No matter what the culture is, everyone will find their place in Amjad's programme and rest assured, the comical mirror that Amjad holds up to us is big!


The winner of the SWR3 prize, as well as the Hamburg Comedy Cup, is touring through Germany with his new stand-up programme RADIKAL WITZIG [RADICALLY FUNNY]. We are delighted that he is performing at HundertPro Festival.



Caner Akdeniz | Theatre / Performance

The German-Turkish director and performer Caner Akdeniz goes in search of his roots: He is looking for Siegfried, the legendary German hero - clever and terrifyingly blue-eyed, a role model, a freedom fighter, betrayed, lampooned, deconstructed. He drifts between types of media, between literary, iconographic and theatrical manifestations, and also addresses his own relationship to German society. Can he grasp and understand Germany? Will he succeed in reviving Siegfried as a role model? Can he become Siegfried? And does he want to?


After finishing secondary school, Akdeniz trained as a machine and equipment operator. After two years in the profession, he handed in his notice and from 2013-2020 studied a bachelor's and master's degree in drama and music theatre directing at the August Everding Theatre Academy in Munich. Akdeniz received funding for his debut SIEGFRIED from the City of Munich in 2020.


Concept/Direction/Performance: Caner Akdeniz
Concept/Dramaturgy: Josef Bairlein
Caner Akdeniz / Josef Bairlein

Third Culture Kid | Emese, Copyright Hanna Fasching


Emese Horti Tanztheater | Contemporary Dance

“Where do you come from?” Emese was born in Budapest - but she speaks German without an accent.That wasn't always the case. It was at school that she changed her nickname for the first time when she realised how stupid her Hungarian nickname sounded spoken with an Austrian accent. As a teenager, she perfected her knowledge of the dialect, but at some point her resilience ran out.

THIRD CULTURE KID is about the conflict between two cultures, about the feeling of being lost and about the unpleasant urge to have to constantly adapt.


Emese Horti Tanztheater is a young group, created by its namesake Emese Horti; dancer, choreographer, producer in Graz. Energetically supported by her dramaturge and co-founder Elisabeth Valentin, since 2017 she has been part of the Graz dance scene. Emese's style is shaped by a career as a gymnast spanning decades, and her studies in Berlin and Israel at the KCDC (Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company) and Batsheva.


Emese Horti //Eric Martins // Elisabeth Valentin // Ottilie Vonbank

HS3 Company 3

The Hustle To Be Slow

HUFFSTREET3 | Short Film / Physical Theatre

A physical theatre short film that playfully explores the speed of life. In our society, speed and efficiency are rewarded, slowness is punished. We are supposed to live according to the motto "Harder-better-faster-stronger!" Those who do not produce a lot quickly are "lazy". Paradoxically, the billionaire in early retirement is the top role model. The ironic message arises: "You have to hustle to be slow". The short film, which was filmed in quarantine during the corona lockdown, asks us: How (fast) do we live? What is our goal here?


HUFFSTREET3 is a Physical Theatre Company founded in 2020 in Essen by artists Wayne Götz (DE), Faris Saleh (PS) and Lucy Flournoy (USA). United in their passion for physical theatre, their stage language influenced by the Folkwang University of the Arts, their love of play and their spirit of research, with HUFFSTREET3 they aim to develop innovative theatre projects that bring intercultural, social and political issues to life.


Performance: Wayne Götz // Lucy Flournoy // Faris Saleh

Camera & Editing: Faris Saleh

Artistic Direction: Lucy Flournoy

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Mari Volar Clit Comedy Club by Lu Noboa, Copyright Lu Noboa

The Clitoris Act

or The Clitoris Act - Two cis 30-somethings and their obnoxious views about the perils of patriarchy

Clit Comedy Club - Mari Volar and Anshita Koul | Comedy

How do women who don't follow the rules they were born into navigate the post-Spice Girls "you can do anything" era, where every mistake you make can be seen on Instagram by thousands of your peers?

THE CLITORIS ACT OR 2 CIS THIRTY-SOMETHINGS AND THEIR UNBEARABLE VIEWS ON THE DANGERS OF PATRIARCHY looks at the way women feel and are treated in today's world through the hilarious but brutally honest lens of comedy.


Mari Volar is an Estonian comedian, writer and musician. Anshita Koul is a software engineer from India who at some point became a comedian, tour guide and video content creator. Together they lead the Clit Comedy Club - the first English-speaking feminist comedy collective in Cologne. Their goal is to invite, inspire and encourage more women from all backgrounds to step into the often uninviting world of stand-up comedy.

Serkan Ates-Stein, Copyright Guido Schröder


Stand Up / Comedy

The everyday struggle of a digitalised generation between philistines and smartphone: We don't watch TV anymore and haven't for a long time - we stream. And we get lonely in analogue despite digital dating. In the past, if you wanted to have sex, you had to write at least one SMS with 160 characters. Today, you send an eggplant emoji. When Serkan sorts through the mess of his time, shame and guilt are his compass needles. His whole passion for the stage is unleashed in his first solo programme. By Serkan's beard: It'll be great! Serkan's distinctive moustache gives the show its name: The Schnörres is real!


Serkan Ates-Stein was born in the Ruhr district. He was raised and socialized in Münster, but his second home has been Cologne since 2017. As a customer advisor in a call centre in Essen, he was seen as a treasured entertainer by his colleagues, who encouraged him to go on stage. Since the love for the stage never stopped, his first comedy performance followed in April 2016. Since then he has been going on stage several times a week.

Tutty Tran | Augen zu und durch, Copyright Agentur LBNSWRK



Tutty Tran, the Vietnamese with the Berliner attitude, presents his very first solo programme "Augen zu und durch" [close your eyes and hope for the best]! Even as a child, Tutty regularly experienced racism and discrimination. Back then, as he himself says, he was a "broken little grain of rice". Today he can expertly deal with it and brings his deep-seated pain to the stages of Germany with a lot of sarcasm.

Nerven | Yolanda Morales


Yolanda Morales | Dance

After a global collapse, the world is entering a new phase. The age of the Anthropocene is a thing of the past, the predicted ecological crisis has occurred. Some people survived the disaster. They can use their bodies as a medium to trace the attitudes and feelings of others and thus recount the last days of the old, lost world. Can this empathetic feeling, the complete "togetherness" with others, lead to a better society, to a utopia?


Yolanda Morales is a choreographer, dancer and performer. In her choreographic work she deals with imaginative bodies that arise in utopian and dystopian scenarios, and dedicates her work to current political and social issues, especially from Latin America. She worked with K3 Tanz Plan and Kampnagel Hamburg, among others, and was invited to the "Epicentro" festival in Oaxaca, Mexico, the IAPAR festival, India, Hauptsache Freie in Hamburg and the Outnow Festival in Bremen.


Artistic direction, Choreography and Dance: Yolanda Morales

Sound: Christopher Ramm

Dance: Alicia Ocadiz / Emilie Lund

Stage: Lea Burkhalter

Costume: Lea Lahr-Thiele

Dramaturgy: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr

Doch | Antonia Koluiartseva, Copyright Ursula Kauffmann


Antonia Koluiartseva | Dance

"Doch" is not just Antonina Koluiartseva's favorite word in the German language. It is also the name of the piece that the choreographer developed with dancers of the FTS. The word - which mostly comes to life as an impulsive outburst - means "yes" and "no" at the same time, signals demarcation and at the same time rushes forward. Her piece, too, is filled with moments that have arisen through the mixing of contradictions. A field full of situations, images and memories that dance around.


Koluiartseva studied ballet and contemporary dance at the Prague Dance Centre and at Tallinn University. She was co-organiser of the annual "OKNO dance festival". For several years she worked as a dancer at the Aura Dance Theatre (Kaunas, Lithuania), in Estonia and Russia as a freelance dancer and choreographer. She is currently completing her master's degree in dance composition with a focus on choreography at the Folkwang University of the Arts.


Antonia Koluiartseva //Stsiapan Hurski // Julius Olbertz //Darko Radosavljev //Mariane Verbecq // Narumi Saso
Thomas Wacker

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