Impulse Theater Festival - Showcase
Thursday 09. June 2022, 19.00 Uhr as part of the opening (compact version)
Saturday 11. June 2022, 20.00 Uhr

Info: Outdoor | Language: English and German

Matis Extinction Room c Dieter Hartwig 1

The western population of the Siberian crane now consists of a single male. For ten years, this creature has lived alone. It is just one of the endangered bird species whose extinction is described by three performers in the park at the Ringlokschuppen – seriously, lovingly and accompanied by living bird song from decades-old sound recordings.

The birdsong is taken from Cornell University’s archive of animal sounds and the citizen science project xeno-canto. These provide the background for the stories of bird life and extinction. Here scientific accounts meet myths of creation and the end of days, folk dances and folk songs.

Each member of the audience is able to assemble their own experience and wander freely from one bird story to the next. The selection includes: birds that are extinct because their feathers were sought after to decorate hats. Birds whose existence is threatened because a new dam has been built to protect human beings from flooding. Birds that are supposed to learn their flight routes from miniature aircraft because they are being raised in a breeding programme without any parents. EXTINCTION ROOM (HOPELESS.) is one of humanity’s desperate attempts to conserve what has been irretrievably lost as a result of environmental pollution.


Konzept und Choreografie: Sergiu Matis
Choreografische Mitarbeit: Martin Hansen, Manon Parent
Performance: Sergiu Matis, Nicola Micallef, Manon Parent
Soundinstallation und Komposition: Antye Greie aka AGF
Text: Philip Ingman, Sergiu Matis, Mila Pavićević
Artenrecherche: Philip Ingman
Dramaturgie: Mila Pavićević
Sound: Martin Lutz
Produktionsleitung: 4Culture Association
Distribution: Danila – Freitag, Agentur für Performative Künste


Eine Produktion von Sergiu Matis in Koproduktion mit 4Culture Association und WASP Studios. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds sowie durch die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Kofinanziert von AFCN – The National Administration of Cultural Funds, Rumänien, dem Rumänischen Kulturinstitut und dem Europalia Arts Festival, Belgien. Mit Unterstützung des Nationalen Performance Netz (NPN), des Centre For Drama Art, Zagreb, des Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik, und des ICI-CCN Montpellier Occitanie. Tieraufnahmen mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Macaulay Library am Cornell Lab of Ornithology der Cornell University und der xeno-canto Foundation.

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Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr