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1.-30. Nov
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Mülheim's city center has not been an attractive place for many city residents for years. There is a lack of good offers in various areas, and although the situation is changing, one can still find closed stores on many corners when walking through the city center. In the evening, the inner city space is almost empty. Observing this day after day, one can ask oneself what this emptiness stands for. Why is this place not occupied? To whom does this empty place belong? Can the city dwellers do anything about it? Or have they lost all their hopes and retreated to their cozy living rooms? Is this emptiness a symbol of neglect and desolation? Is this emptiness a consequence of social division?

In recent years, the city of Mülheim has also seen an increase in private apartments and single-family homes. And while money may be the ultimate answer to everything, it's worth trying to occupy public space and fill the void with creative and social activities to bring it back to life. Because this is your place! Therefore, let's come together and do something about it.

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