Friday 23. September 2022, 20.00 Uhr
Saturday 24. September 2022, 20.00 Uhr
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Man is a homo hapticus. The sense of touch and feeling is the first of our senses. Even before we hear, smell and taste, we feel, sense touch.

The skin is man's largest organ - and at the same time his sensitive boundary between self and world. Every touch is as much a sign of affection as it is an indication of potential danger. Every touch tells a story about the familiar, about the foreign, spells out a haptic vocabulary, full of longing, in which the self seeks its place in the world.

The latest production by dancer and choreographer Maura Morales and composer Michio Woirgardt is a border crossing, a dance about the skin, in an intimate and expressive language of movement.

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The core of the contemporary dance company Cooperativa Maura Morales consists of the dancer/choreographer Maura Morales and the composer Michio Woirgardt. The company, which has been in existence since 2010, has since realised numerous stage pieces and is one of the most touring (nationally, internationally) independent companies in NRW with a touring volume of around 50 guest performances per year. Numerous invitations to renowned international dance festivals, the winning of numerous dance prizes such as the Kurt Jooss Prize 2013 and the Förderpreis für Darstellende Kunst of the state capital Düsseldorf have contributed to the Cooperativa, which has been in existence since 2010, establishing itself in the international dance scene in a very short time. They have been performing regularly at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr for many years. The guarantee for the resonance is their unique aesthetic feature: the close correlation of movement and sound, the tangible, visible and audible communication between choreography and music as equal dialogue actors in the performance, as well as the development of their very own movement language that is as intimate as it is expressive.


Tänzer*innen: Martha Gardner, Kira Metzler, Guila Russo, Dario Rigaglia, Matthew Branham
Konzept/ Regie/Choreographie: Maura Morales
Komposition/Livesampling: Michio Woirgardt
Dramaturgie: René Linke
Assistenz: Matthea Pedersen, Pascal Schmidt
Back-Up Tänzer: Pascal Schmidt
Visuals: Manfred Borsch
Bühnenbild: Manfred Borsch, Maura Morales
Latex Arbeiten: Alexandra Reichart, Matthias Krauß
Kostüme: Marion Strehlow
Lichtdesign/Technische Leitung: Grace Morales Suso

Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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