What, where, when are we?!

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica

Performance / Theater / Tanz
Friday 17. February 2023, 20.00 Uhr
Saturday 18. February 2023, 20.00 Uhr
What wo when are we

What, Where, When are We?! explores the question of whether identity is rooted in a space and time. It is a rhythmic approach to transnational and multidimensional embodied experiences, a critical reflection on the hierarchisation of cultures and knowledge production today. Four performers on stage, live drums and radio transmitters create layers of sound that interweave with physical memories. All these shuffle and rearrange the puzzle pieces that make us what we were, are, are becoming and want to become.

Weitere Informationen:

WWWW is the first stage production by Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica, a Venezuelan dance artist living in Germany. By exploring particular forms of communication, her work creates creative ways of interaction between performers, audience and space. By materialising new languages, she creates performative ecosystems that blossom on stage and beyond.

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica is a VEN/DE choreographer, dancer and translator from NRW. As a choreographer, she has collaborated with Seoungmin Yuk in the film "flounce into flounce" (2018) / ON:Joy (2019) with Constanza Ruiz and Thea Soti / FEAR (2019) - a collective piece with Kyoko Nomura and Yuki Goda. Performatively, she collaborates with artists such as MD Kollektiv, Dana Caspersen, Rafaële Giovanola, Martin Nachbar, Britta Lieberknecht, Sabina Perry, Michèle Murray, Özlem Alkis, Marina Abramovic, Willi Dörner and others.

+ Physical Introduction | 17.2. | 19.00


Concept and Performance: Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica
: Constanza Javiera Ruiz, Celia Iriria Valverde
: Brigitte Huezo
: Hendrick Eichler
Diversity mentor and dramaturgy:
Rodrigo García Alves
Outside Eye/Physical Input:
Álvaro Esteban López
Graphic Design
: Simon Meienberg
Photo Documentation:
Marcos Angeloni
Head of production:
Maicyra Leão

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