Sharing Knowledge! Cheers for Fears initiative turns 10

Cheers for Fears

Symposium and anniversary celebration
Saturday 18. March 2023, 16.00 Uhr
Festival 2018 c Björn Stork 3 Kopie

We aren't islands. We need each other. The exchange, the productive dispute, the cooperation. Across language & university borders. We share our doubts and fears as well as our knowledge and strengths. Cheers for Fears! Now your friendly neighbourhood networking initiative turns 10. We would be so happy if you came by!

We'll be celebrating on Saturday, 18 March at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Mülheim. Our anniversary symposium "Sharing Knowledge!" starts at 4 pm. It brings together a performative encyclopedia of the states of knowledge, forms of practice, questions and problems that have made up the cosmos of the initiative over the past ten years: From the academy to collaboration, the contributors provide insight into the multi-dimensional development of Cheers for Fears and open up topics that currently cross and move the field of the scenic arts. Each contribution brings different voices from participants and associates of the initiative, observers and cultural-political actors to the fore.

Contributions by:

  • Tilman Aumüller (theatre and festival maker, IMPLANTIEREN Festival)
  • Silvia Ehnis (choreographer, Tacho Tinta), Yasmin Fahbod (scenic researcher and activist)
  • Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica & Darya Myasnikova (choreographer, & dancer, maiskind)
  • Benjamin Hoesch (theatre scholar and theatre maker, ATW Gießen)
  • Viviane Lennert (multimedia artist TeamLEN! & curator)
  • Philipp Schulte (Hessian Theatre Academy)
  • and the Cheers for Fears team.

In the evening from 8 pm: DJ set with Gîn Bali (Yaya Collective). Sparkling wine, snacks and good music will be provided!

Eintritt 8,-/5,-€

Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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