Hundertpro Festival

Wahrheit & Widerspruch, Wirklichkeiten & Werte

Theatre / Performance / Dance / Physical Theatre
Saturday 31. August 2024, 18.00 Uhr

Info: Box office opens at 5 pm | Start at 6 pm

Hundert Pro 2024

For the first time this year, the HundertPro is taking place under one theme: Truth & Contradiction, Realities & Values

Out of 270 applications, the curatorial team has selected 9 productions that will stir us up, touch us, make us laugh and sweep us away on 31 August.

During the breaks, there will be a food truck and talks about the performances. At the end, the HundertPro Festival will be celebrated with a lively party.


Haba Na Haba, Copyright Catalina Roldan

HABA NA HABA | Paul Damiano

Dance | Language: EN

‘Haba na Haba hujaza kibaba’ is a Swahili proverb that is mainly taught to children at a young age to encourage them to take life one step at a time. It means that small achievements are among the great successes and goals in life! This solo piece by Paul Damiano from Kenya explores the ways in which playfulness is part of growing up and contributes to one's character and appreciation of life. The play inspires and invites the audience on a journey into the past to remember pivotal moments in their own life story! Haba na Haba is a feel-good play about Paul's very personal life story, his childhood in Kenya, memories and the playful journey of growing up.


Paul Damiano was born in 1993 in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2022, he assisted the art and culture association Do Only Good e.V. for six months as a workshop leader and choreographer in the youth project Instrument to Expression, funded by Chance Tanz. Since the beginning of 2022, he has been working as a dance mediator, dance teacher and dance educator in Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Iserlohn and Ratingen with young people, school classes and in holiday programmes. Since June 2022, he has been an artist and dancer at Enije for Afrika e.V., based at the Theater im Depot in Dortmund, where he co-develops choreographies and performs together with the Meltingpott Crew, among others.

DER PASS | Rymon Zacharei, Copyright Jakob Leve

DER PASS | Rymon Zacharei

Dance | Language: GER

The passport (Der Pass) is a very important document for most people, as it serves as official proof of identity and makes it possible to travel internationally. Without a valid passport, you may have difficulties travelling abroad as most countries require it as a prerequisite for entry. What does the blue passport mean for refugees in Germany? How is a passport designed? Which functions does a passport have?


Rymon Zacharei, born 1985 in Baghdad, known by the stage name ‘Rayboom’, is a dancer in the areas of hip-hop and various urban dance styles such as locking, popping and house. He has been working as a trainer, choreographer and dancer since 2005. His dance style is a combination of hip-hop elements,

various martial arts movements and contemporary dance. In 2010, he began teaching dance at Tanzhaus NRW, where he directs the new youth dance company as well as hip hop projects with young people. He is a member of the dance companies E- Motion / Renegade and a crew member of the dance group Flying Steps, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with its tour model Flying Bach. In 2017, he won the Düsseldorf state capital's sponsorship award for young performing artists. With his collective Mood Dance Company, he was invited to Berlin/Potsdam for the Tanztreffen der Jugend Berliner Festspiele 2021/22. In 2022, he presented his first solo piece, From nothing to one, in Düsseldorf.

Babylon | Jäckie Rydz, Copyright Jäckie Rydz

BABYLON | Jäckie Rydz

Performance | Languages: GER, POL, ENG

In BABYLON, three trans performers explore the possibilities of queer reproduction. With poetic texts and an immersive stage set, they recreate the biblical myth of the sinful city of Babylon. As queer bodies, they infiltrate the sacred space of the Catholic Church and assimilate its queer-hostile narratives. In three parts, they test themselves as reproductive figures of the mother, whore and bride. Multilingual in Polish, German and English, BABYLON captures the generational conflict of reproduction and scrutinises its promise of happiness.


Jäckie Rydz studied stage design at the Berlin University of the Arts and applied theatre studies in Giessen. Since 2019, Jäckie has performed in numerous performances and designed stages and costumes, including stage design for Kinderstar von 6-8 by Zaungäste Kollektiv at Mousonturm Frankfurt and PAM! by PAM! Kollektiv at the Ackerstadtpalast Berlin. As a political activist, Jäckie organised abortions for people from Poland from 2019 to 2021, took part in the SCHLAU educational programme for gender and sexual diversity in 2021 and 2022 and organised the SOUNDQUEER? sound lab in Vienna in 2023.

Nikolas Tomislav Stäudte
studied Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. Nikolas has worked as a production assistant, performer and costume designer for She She Pop, among others. Nikolas was part of the organisational and curatorial team of the hungry eyes festival in 2018 and 2021.

Martix Navro
t is a performer, queer rapper and poet, AI researcher and developer of extended reality novelties. He is one half of the queer artist duo Eternal Engine and part of the Nerdka collective. Martix works with media such as 3D, video, VJ sets, AV, VR, AI as well as with real objects or performative lectures. From 2016-2019 he was a member of the queer-feminist underground performance group Pussymantra. Current projects include Xenon Performance at Foksal Gallery Fundation, Enter The Chamber at Skala Gallery, Queer Realities (in development), Tellurian Insider Performance at S_P_I_T Queer Performance Festival. This year he was included in the list of European Change Makers of 2022, published annually by the We Are Europe - Creative Europe project.


Director, Stage design, Text: Jäckie Rydz

Performance, Costume: Nikolas Stäudte

Music, Performance: Martix Navrot

Neon Serenade | Benze C Werner, Copyright Ley Ghafouri

NEON SERENADE | Benze C. Werner

Tanz | Language: GER

Inspired by gestures of affection and the steps of line dances this choreography is remixing moments of togetherness and pleasure with moments of disorientation and uncertainty. Neon Serenade is a dance about cowboygurls, loss of intimacy, and negotiations of desire. It celebrates the memories of past loves, the touch of a friend's hand, the intense bond with a current lover, and fantasies of future connections. A serenade we sing to…


Benze C. Werner is a dancer and performer currently based in Cologne. Their work is built around their interest in creating movement-based live performances that incorporate sonic works. Other current interests which strongly connect with that vision are queer kinship, porn, politics of pleasure, desire, and intimacy. Among other collaborations, they worked together with Rafaële Giovanola, Doris Uhlich, Amanda Piña, Tim Behren, Katharina Senzenberger, and Özlem Alkış.

Ley Ghafouri is a sound designer, producer, and live musician based in Cologne. Rather than being loyal to genres or specific instruments and soundscapes, their work gets inspired by the urges that connect them to the artists they are working with; shifting forms and sounds and words to find ways to musically express their mutual desires.

Aleksandra Demina is a dance artist from Russia, currently studying in Escola Superior de Danca in Lisbon. Besides her studies, she is working as a freelance dancer. In her practice, she challenges diverse physicalities and pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance. She delves into the exploration of flow energies, seeking to channel them through her fluid body. Passionate about house and hip-hop dance, she embraces its dynamic nature and incorporates it into her artistic expression.

Daniela Riebesam is a dancer and performer who is currently studying in the master's program at CCD (Tanzwissenschaft). There she got introduced to the field of dramaturgy, where she likes to combine her knowledge as a dancer, producer, and scholar with her interests in queer, feminist studies, and New Materialism to support the creative work of fellow artists.

Pamela Poldo is a passionate crochet artist. She learned the artistry on the sofa with her mother, who herself learnt it from her own mother and the same going back many generations of women. Tenderness and experimentation are weaven into her patterns. No machine is able to reproduce crochet, just hands passing it to other hands. Pamela Poldo is also a dancer, a clown and a puppeteer.

Lars Ksienzyk lives and works between Cologne and Berlin. He is interested in dance as a transdisciplinary field of collective work with different materials such as film, (critical) theory, journalism, documentary, Physical Theatre and photography.


Concept, Performance, Choreography: Benze C. Werner

Co-Creation, Performance: Aleksandra Demina

Sounddesign, Composition: Ley Ghafouri

Dramaturgy: Daniela Riebesam

Outside Eye: Demetrios Navras, Katharina Senzenberger, ander ballarin

Crochet Artist: Pamela Poldo

Mentor: Sevi Bayraktar

Lights, Technical Support: Marco Wehrspann

Documentation, Photo: Lars Ksienzyk

Photo: Ley Ghafouri

Photo Editing: Fadi Elias

BAALYA | ANAND DHANAKOTI, Copyright Öncu Gültekin, K3 Kampnagel Hamburg

BAALYA | Anand Dhanakoti


Baalya is a movement-based piece that works with elements of circus arts, contemporary dance, improvisation and voice, inviting the audience into a multi-sensory performance based on Anand Dhanakoti's personal experiences as a street kid in the streets of Bengaluru and those of the performers trained in circus arts. It questions how movement and dance change through street experiences and turns the Indian caste system on its head by thinking of choreography from the feet up. In the Indian caste system, people are categorised according to which parts of their body they use to earn a living. The people of the lowest caste act as the feet of society.


Anand Dhanakoti is a dancer and choreographer. He was trained in Indian martial arts and yoga at the Kalari Gurukulam, studied Flying Low with David Zambrano and graduated from the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg. As a dancer and co-choreographer he has worked with Matej Kejzar, Abhilash Ningappa, Adam Linder and Ursina Tossi among others. His pieces 'Baalya', ‘Kelli’, ’Thuli’, ’Kntsugi’and 'Immer' have been shown internationally. He also holds a BA degree in Economics, Political Science and Sociology from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.

Eva Campanaro graduated from IDA Ballet Academy and SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy. Her formation got wider into the circus world in 2018 by beginning her first experience as a choreographer at Carampa (Madrid) and Arc en Cirque (Chambery). She trained with teachers and performers like David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton, Eduardo Torroja, Jerman Jauregui, Damien Jalet, Edivaldo Ernesto, Francisco Córdova, and Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot. Since 2015, she has started working as a freelancer for international dance companies and contemporary circus projects such as NoGravity Dance Company, Cornelia Dance Company, Bellanda Dance Company.

Yeiner Chicas is a Nicaraguan performer choreographer based in Spain, he is a researcher of the contemporary scene and other artistic disciplines. Chicas has ventured into the Latin American and European continent working as a choreographer, performer and co-creator in dance and audiovisual productions with Alpo Aaltakoski, Kati Kallio , Materia Project, ADN Dialecto, Three Brothers Project, Sedimenti Project Italy.

Amogh Swamy
, a writer and musician. Bestselling author of "On my way to Infinity." Music and dramaturgy: Navarasa research project (01/2023) & “Baalya”, K3 |Kampnagel (06/2023). Dramaturgical support: Prana, Shakti & Pastime Sweetness. Poems used in “Panchajanya” at Staatstheater-Kassel and “Shakti”.

LIKE, REALLY CUNT | Marje Hirvonen Choreography, Copyright Alessandro De Matteis

LIKE, REALLY CUNT | Marje Hirvonen Choreography

Performance | Language: EN

Like, really cunt is a safe space, a gathering, a party and a cat walk. Five different, unique performers, five biographies on a runway. like, really cunt celebrates feminine energy that reaches beyond biological bodies. Like, really cunt is a playground and a ballroom; It’s playful, tolerant - and extravagant. Invent yourself, be whatever you want to be, and you are seen!


In her work she deals with themes that she can observe in they environment and that she believes have relevance in our culture. Her works are often interdisciplinary, experimental and unique. Her main medium is the body.

In 2012, she completed her Bachelor's degree in dance with a focus on contemporary dance and ballet at the Cologne University of Music and Dance. This was followed by a Masters in Choreography at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Berlin and in Performance Making at the Goldsmiths Institute, University of London.

She has worked with Reut Shemesh, Michael Portnoy and the tanz.tausch festival, among others. Her most recent own projects are LAVATANSSIT at Galerie im Münsterland and like, really cunt, shown at tanz.tausch festival Cologne.

SECOND CLASS. QUEER | Kumar Muniandy, Copyright Kumar Muniandy


Theatre | Language: EN

Actor and writer Kumar Muniandy questions his identity, queerness, internalized homophobia and experiences of racism with his play. In the midst of these terms and their politics, Kumar seeks his own truth. Is it possible to live as a brown gay man in Germany and find healing while carrying the weight of oppression from his motherland? Set in a speed-dating event, will Kumar’s leading man, Krishna, win the role he wants in this audition for love? Through the lens of his experience as a Tamil-Malaysian queer person living in Berlin, Kumar Muniandy has developed a theater piece that investigates the connections between internalized homophobia that stems from anti-homosexuality laws of the colonial era and the structural racism he experiences. What are the consequences of such merciless neocolonialism for the mental health of queer minorities living in Germany today? After all, Krishna, like Kumar, is on a pursuit of forgiveness and self acceptance.

Second Class Queer is dedicated to ██████.


After completing his bachelor's degree in acting at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, Kumar Muniandy worked as a film producer, actor and director. He has acted in several short films and theatre plays and is the author of the autobiographical documentary Sunny Boy, which has been shown at numerous festivals worldwide. He is the writer, director and performer of Second Class Queer, first performed at the English Theatre in Berlin. His last own work White Talcum Powder was shown at the KAUM Film Festival in Berlin in 2023.

IMPATIENTS | Carla Wyrsch, Copyright Joe Bauer

IMPATIENTS | Carla Wyrsch

Physical Theatre | Language: GER

IMPATIENTS. how to make a theatre piece without being depressed afterwards? is a physical theatre piece that deals with the pathologisation of queerness and mental health from a queer perspective.


Carla Wyrsch, born in 1996 in the Ruhr area, is a performer, actor and theatre maker at the interface of physical theatre, performance, visual arts and theory. After completing a Bachelor's degree in Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Carla is now studying Physical Theatre in Essen. They studied abroad in Prague and at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. Carla's work as an independent theatre maker and performer has been shown at festivals and independent venues, including Tanzhaus nrw, Tanzfaktur Köln, Maschinenhaus Essen, SoloDuoFestival Köln, ZeitZeug Festival Bochum and Hungry Eyes Festival Gießen. Together with Meret König and Valentin Schwerdfeger, Carla forms the physical theatre collective ‘Sticky Fragments’. So far, they have developed the plays ‘Wenn wir Glück haben, dann löst uns ganz auf’ (2021), ‘Choking on Stardust’ (2022) and ‘Try to Catch a Falling Knife’ (2023). In their work, Carla is particularly interested in transdisciplinary work, intersectional and queer feminism and the constant re-questioning of theatre and society.

Denis Okatan
(1990) studied German Studies and Cultural Anthropology at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and is active as a performer and actor in the independent theatre scene. Denis Okatan has been studying Physical Theatre at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen since 2023 and is a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation. In 2022, Denis Okatan performed with the international live art collective United Cowboys at the Museum of Applied Arts Cologne and for the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in the durational performance ‘BIOTOPE’. Denis danced as part of an interdisciplinary Folkwang collective, including in the Oval Office Bar of Schauspiel Bochum in the immersive piece ‘SYNTHOPIA’ and worked as an assistant director in the piece development ‘(S)CARING’ by the physical theatre company KimchiBrot Connection. A particular interest of the performing arts is the representation of queer bodies and new narratives under an intersectional approach.

Joe Bauer
studies fine arts in Suchan Kinoshita's class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster. Joe designs costumes for theatre and performance and has designed costumes for P14 youth theatre productions at the Volksbühne in Berlin as well as for physical theatre pieces at the Folkwang University of the Arts. In their own work, Joe creates scenarios and installations from physical costume characters and digital 3D animations.

Zoélie Guckert
, born in France in 1998, studied ballet and modern dance at the Lyon Dance Conservatory and modern dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Lyon and has been studying physical theatre pedagogy at the Folkwang University of the Arts since 2021. She has worked as an interpreter for productions including Habitat by Doris Uhlich as part of the Britney X Festival at Schauspiel Köln and Die Infantin der Bandwürmer, written by Anaïs Clerc and directed by Amelie von Godin at the Folkwang University and the Ernst Busch University of the Arts.

Sofia Olivia Holz
, born in 2000 in Viterbo, Italy, has been studying Physical Theatre at the Folkwang University of the Arts since 2021 after graduating in Theatre Studies and Art History at the Ruhr University Bochum. She took part in the Kunstkolleg Montepulciano and was co-organiser of the Fullspin Festival 2021.
From 2015 to 2022 she worked at the Grillo Theatre for a total of 3 seasons in the in-house development of theatre groups. In 2022 she was involved in the conception and performance of the play Happy Birthdeath. In 2023 she realised her own production: Can you hear sweat?, a physical theatre piece about female show-wrestling.

FRUTTA FRESCA | Marco Merenda, Copyright Ilaria Moschella

FRUTTA FRESCA | Marco Merenda

Performance, Physical Theatre | Language: EN

"Alessia, am I just a brand? I am suffocating under the weight of billions of empty cans of passata MUTTI. My small Italian ass is stuck between a postcard from Rimini and a Toskana Brotaufstrich. Alessia, I don’t want to please you anymore. Alessia, I don’t want to change for you anymore. Alessia, I don’t want to explain myself anymore. I am tired of being a summertime romance."

The performance project FRUTTA FRESCA shows an open deconstruction process. Two performers who are read in Germany as southerners appropriate several cultural stereotypes relating to Italians through choreography, physical theatre and language and appear on stage as ‘hyper-Italian’ drag figures. In search of their authentic being - their identity beyond external, culturally conditioned attributions - they partially shed their disguises over the course of the performance. Based on personal experiences and theoretical discourse, FRUTTA FRESCA attempts to performatively highlight the fine line between esteem, exoticisation and identity attribution.


Marco Merenda is a German-Italian performance artist with a focus on directing, dramaturgy, performance and physical theatre. Their performance projects aim to trigger enlightening thought processes in the audience using a queer in-yer-face aesthetic. In 2017, they completed a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Literature at the Università degli Studi di Pavia and in February 2022 a Master's degree in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Marco works as a freelance performer in Hamburg and collaborates with Kotka Gudmon, Glitch AG, Swaantjie Gieskes, Christopher Ramm, Mab Cardoso, Nágila Analy Freitas Reis and Carolina Burandt, among others.

Karin Rossi
is an Italian actress and performer. In 2017 she completed a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage Studies at the Università degli Studi di Milano. In 2019, she completed her acting training at the Scuola di Teatro Proxima Res (Milan). She currently works as a freelance theatre educator and performer in several theatre groups (Dramatrà, Polveri di Scena, Compagnia Malakarne). She has also performed in the performance ENTER THE MUUVE (artistic director: Marco Merenda), which premiered at Kampnagel in 2021.

Margherita Scalise
is a theatre maker and dramaturge from Italy. She currently lives in Brussels and works in Belgium, Italy and other European countries. After her Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage Studies at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan) and in Theatre Directing at the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi (Milan), she worked as assistant director and choreographer for Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez in Brussels (since 2019). In 2021-22 she participated in the European project Micro&Macro Dramaturgy in Dance and in the studies of the International School of Theatre Anthropology under the direction of Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley. She is co-founder of R.A.C. (Regist_ A Confronto), the first Italian professional association for theatre directors.

Christopher Ramm
completed his B.A. in Theatre Studies and Politics at the FU Berlin in 2016 and his M.A. in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg in 2019. Since October 2023 he is studying M.A. Multi Media Composition at HFMT Hamburg. In 2020/21 Christopher was a scholarship holder of the stART.up scholarship of the Claussen Simon Foundation. She works as a performer, director and sound artist and moves between docu-fiction, immersive installation and long-term performance. Solo works by Christopher Ramm have been shown at Kampnagel, Lichthof Theatre, Pathos Theatre Munich and the Hauptsache Frei Festival in Hamburg, among others.


Concept, performance, artistic direction: Marco Merenda

Performance, Co-Creation: Karin Rossi

Sound, Performance: Christopher Ramm

Dramaturgy, lighting design: Margherita Scalise

Make-up: Giulia Limone

Costume: Leander Steve Oelmann

Outside-Eyes: Pauline Schönfelder, Marco Fragnelli

Funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Hamburg-Mitte District Office. Supported by: Hamburger Sprechwerk, Probebühne im Gängeviertel, Studiohaus Osten, Unterstützungsfonds der WIESE eG.

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