WERKSTATT - The youth club at the Ringlokschuppen

Der Jugendclub im Ringlokschuppen

Selbermachen | Für Jugendliche ab 14 jahren
09. Jan. 16.30-19.30 Uhr Im Makroscope
16. Jan. 16.30-19.30 Uhr
23. Jan. 16.30-19.30 Uhr
30. Jan. 16.30-19.30 Uhr Im AZ Mülheim | Auerstraße 51
06. Feb. 16.30-19.30 Uhr
13. Feb. 16.30-19.30 uhr
20. Feb. 16.30-19.30 Uhr
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We are all artists – most of the time without noticing that we are. We‘re constantly producing output – we write, we photograph, film, record texts or sounds, we even self-publish – each and every one of us. With our smart phones.

Show us how (creatively) you use your phones in the WERKSTATT/WORKSHOP and let us create theater with it together – be it a performance or an installation or all of the above combined. Our doors are open every Wednesday (4.30 – 7.30 pm). Come in with your ideas and we will collectively bring them to life. How can we creatively re-think and develop first-thought-of concepts and found things & what does theater have to do with it? You chat, you text, you film and cut, you play, create masks, design costumes, set the light, come up with technical solutions and build the stage. Imperative to all this: No fear, we will learn all we need to together. Bring your phones!

We look forward to you all!

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