What ist do idt yourself?

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Theatre, dance and performance are always the result of a combined effort by many people. These people work in different roles and during the different phases of a production. Being part of the audience is one of the most important of these roles. But it is still just one role among many. SelberMachen (or “Do-it-yourself”) at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr means trying out other roles. As a performer, workshop participant, city activist or dancer. We invite you to come and work together with us in one of our wide range of formats.

Do it yourself can mean...

• ... getting involved in a complete production: as a performer, dancer or as part of a collective which shares all the tasks. • ... taking part in a workshop and, within a few days or weeks, learning about a topic, a question or a technique. • ... that right now, we cannot even begin to say which formats we would like to invite you to join in with because every group of artists has their own ideas. We pass on all their Do-it-yourself suggestions on to you – whatever they might involve.
Selber Machen
Over the last few years we have worked on Brecht, put radio plays on the stage, developed complete evenings of theatre from improvisations, put on performances around the city, danced inside and out, and performed in the shop windows of an empty department store. During each season there are several projects and workshops for “Do-it-yourself” from the fields of theatre, dance and performance - sometimes we very consciously move somewhere between them all. Our projects are run by experienced dance and theatre education specialists and/or professional artists.
Everyone can join in with Do-it-yourself: young or not so young, a bit older or really old, with or without theatre or dance experience. Anyone who is interested in theatre and/or dance and has a bit of free time and courage can get involved with a wide variety of project formats several times a year. There is no fee for taking part. More information about Do-it-yourself and registration: teresa.kuenstler@ringlokschuppen.de // 0208 99 316 76
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