What ist do it yourself?

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Do it yourself is all about actively immersing yourself in our artistic processes and getting to know our artists, be it in the context of school collaborations, interactive childrens' programmes, holiday programmes, theatre and dance projects or as a visitor.

Do you like to network with other people and take on new challenges? Do you like to experience yourself on stage and not just as a spectator?

We want to make our stages a tangible space for possibilities, development and encounter, regardless of financial means, prior artistic knowledge, age or cultural background. Tap into your openness and creativity!

Most of our programmes are free and accessible to everyone. In addition to participating regularly, the only other requirements to join in are acceptance and respect for one another.

Take a look at our current project proposals or contact us directly.

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  • Try-Out Workshops und Input-workshops zu Tanz und Theater an Schulen
  • Ferienprogramm (Tanz und Theater) Kulturrucksack NRW in den Ostern, Sommer und Herbstferien von 10 bis 14 Jahre
  • CBE (Zentrum für bürgerschaftliches Engagement) inklusive Workshops zu Tanz, Theater und Kunst in den Ostern, Sommer und Herbstferien von 13 bis 27 Jahren
  • interaktives Kinderprogramm neben ausgewählten Vorstellungen im Bereich von Tanz, Theater und Performance

- physical Introduction zu ausgewählten Stücken im Tanzbereich

  • Weihnachtsstück im Dezember + Schulvorstellung Neuer Zirkus, Theater, Tanz und Performance
  • 55+ Projekte zu Tanztheater und Mehrgenerationsprojekte

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