Lichtlabor: Wie die Bilder laufen lernten

Kulturrucksack mit Jan Ehlen für Kinder & Jugendliche von 10-14 Jahren

06.-09. Apr. | 9-14 Uhr

Info: Treffpunkt: Makroscope Mülheim, weiterer Workshop-Ort: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Belack 22 Jb Klein

We invite you to research and experiment with light, projections and animation together!

In our workshops, we discover how the pictures learned to walk. We develop handmade animations and projections at a series of research stations. The available tripods, light sources, mirrors and optical materials can be supplemented by items you bring with you to create the construction kit for your own extensive light installation.

The workshop is free of charge. Please bring enough drinks and food for the days of the workshop. We kindly ask you to register at

Due to the current situation regarding new coronavirus infections, the workshop will take place with limited numbers of participants and subject to the usual hygiene and protective measures. We will inform all children and parents about the details by email before the start.

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Ort Makroscope | Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 48 | 45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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