Boy Band

not so pretty

Performance / Theater / Tanz
Friday 19. November 2021, 20.00 Uhr Premiere
Saturday 20. November 2021, 20.00 Uhr
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How deep is your love? The love between David Martínez Morente, Tim-Fabian Hoffmann, Lars Schmidt and notsopretty is very deep. Together, they formed a BOY BAND. Their band sings about the death of patriarchy, and creates new rituals of masculinity. They are delicate, make themselves vulnerable, reflect their privileges and allow their insecurities to surface, in order to get out of the male comfort zone.

The boys tell personal stories about the field of tension between homoeroticism and bromance, boy band shows and boot camps, as well as aggression and tenderness. The performance researches alternative concepts of “being a man” in order to break the toxic cycle of patriarchal masculinity.


Concept / Artistic direction: notsopretty (Anna Júlia Amaral, Nina Weber & Marcel Nascimento)
Performance: David Martínez Morente, Lars Schmidt & Tim-Fabian Hoffmann
Video: Pooyesh Frozandeh
Lighting Design: Birk-André Hildebrandt
Outside Eye: Miriam Michel
Graphic design: Viviane Lennert

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