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Anna Kpok

Ein Live-Online-Multiplayer-Theater-Game
Friday 25. February 2022, 20.00 Uhr Premiere
Saturday 26. February 2022, 20.00 Uhr

Info: via Gathertown | Dauer: 70-90 min

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Registration until 48h before the start of the game via

This project is top secret and you have been chosen to be a part of it.

For a long time the other species on the endangered planet Earth discussed about it - but finally the decision was made: Humans can be part of it and you can represent a part of them. The problem: strict secrecy must be maintained about the goals of the mission and at the same time potential representatives must be attracted. So Anna Kpok was asked to be a mediator.

Under the pretext of a new live online multiplayer theater game, she is to make initial contact with a maximum of twenty people per day, invite them to wander together and alone through a futuristic online game world, find out things and discuss them - in order to make a forward-looking decision at the end.

So Anna Kpok's new theater game is just that: it is aimed at all people who feel like making important decisions for the earth, discussing them and walking through virtual spaces as an avatar. Come one, come all!

Game requirements:

The game requires one newer computer or laptop with webcam and microphone per player*. Firefox or Chrome must be installed on the computer. A smartphone with a camera and a messenger app (Signal, Telegram, What's App or Threema) is also required. The spectators become players. They can be seen and heard by their fellow players.

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