Network Meeting Interkultur Ruhr

Monday 03. July 2017, 15.00 Uhr
Nwt4 1844Fb

Translating | Collaboration in a multilingual society

Language is power. It decides about in- or exclusion. In an open, integrative and multilingual society we are permanently facing the need and challenges of translation. A democratic community with flat hierarchies is impossible without practices of translation. At the 4. Network Meeting Interkultur Ruhr we discuss what this means for our intercultural work in the arts and in cultural institutions.
The choreographer Jess Curtis together with the artist Claire Cunningham with their latest production The Way You Look (at me) Tonight created a performance night which combines a multiplicity of translation techniques in one stage area. Lately shown at tanzhaus nrw, it turns translating into a physical experience and transforms incomprehension into a pleasant sensation. In his keynote Jess Curtis introduces us to this artistic practice of translation.
What does the recognition of the multilingual society imply with regard to our (cultural) institutions? We invite the anglicist Bridget Fonkeu (TU Dortmund, Afro-Mülheimers, Silent University Ruhr), the dramaturg Michael Eickhoff (Theater Dortmund) and the archaeologist, translator and artist Jabbar Abdullah (Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste NRW) to an open panel discussion. They all established and are working on diverse translation procedures in different institutions, sharing the common goal of broadening the accessibility of their offers. Starting off from their experiences, objectives and future plans, we talk about how we want to work together.

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