Multilingualism is cultural wealth

Vortrag & Diskussion
Friday 11. October 2019, 17.30 Uhr
Impulse15 Su Junicke 22, Copyright Robin Junicke

As part of the lecture series "Multilingualism", two keynote lectures by Falak Sher (Politician/Silent University) and Ezmarai Atarpour (Civil Engineer/Silent University) will continue on 11 October 2019. Starting with the topic „Multilingualism is cultural wealth", Fallak Sher shows how he perceives multilingualism from a migrant perspective, both in his professional and private life, and pleads for the consistent implementation of linguistic participation for all.

The second input by Ezmarai Atarpour deals with the constitutional right to information. In addition, his experience as an Afghan civil engineer in Germany shows how linguistic diversity has a lasting influence on a company's success. Furthermore, he sees the transition from a monocultural to a multicultural society as an unstoppable development that will have a lasting impact on Germany.

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