Told by my mother

Ali Chahrour

Music Performance
Saturday 16. March 2024, 20.00 Uhr
Sunday 17. March 2024, 16.00 Uhr verschoben vom 15.03.2024

Info: Language: Arabic ( surtitles in German and English)

Interaktives Kinderprogramm am 17.3.

Zu der Vorstellung am 17.3. bieten wir ein kreatives Mitmach-Kinderprogramm an. Eine Anmeldung bis zum 14.3. mit Angabe des Alters (mindestens Grundschulalter) bei kbb[a] ist notwendig.

Das Kinderprogramm am 17.3. wird geleitet von Tanja Kontny, seit 2013 Tanzpädagogin für zeitgenössischen Tanz. Neben eigenen choreografischen Arbeiten arbeitet Tanja projektbezogen an Grund-/, Förder- und weiterführenden Schulen sowie für verschiedene Institutionen. Gefördert werden die Projekte von Aktion Tanz, der LAG Tanz, dem Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, dem landesbuero.tanz., dem Bundesprogramm Kultur und Schule sowie weiteren Bundesprogrammen.

"I believe that my aunt Fatima did not die from the cancer that was eating away at her lungs. She died the moment she lost hope of finding her missing son Hassan."

The Lebanese dancer and choreographer Ali Chahrour creates a heart-wrenching family portrait on stage. The piece is rooted in his own family history, in a disrupted Lebanon, but draws on a multitude of tragedies that have preoccupied humanity since time immemorial. At the centre of the action is Leila, who wants to save her child Abbas from becoming a martyr. Next to her is Fatmeh, another mother who has never stopped searching for her missing son Hassan.

Ali Chahrour, the actress Hala Omra and the musicians of Two or The Dragon accompany these stories with music that transcends the pain. Inspired by both Arabic culture and contemporary urban sounds, a universal narrative about love and violence emerges on stage, a pain-filled lament, like a lullaby of the survivors for the dead.

TOLD BY MY MOTHER is the second part of Ali Chahrour's trilogy about love and was invited to the renowned festival in Avignon last year.

Portrait Ali P1158353 By Lea Skayem, Copyright Lea Skayem

Born in Beirut in 1989, Ali Chahrour studied theatre and dance in his native city and various
schools in Europe.
Far from western models, the dancer and choreographer has created a
language inspired by Arab myths and by the political, social, and religious context of his
country. Through it, he explores the deep relationships between the body and movement,
between tradition and modernity.


Performance: Abbas Al Mawla, Ali Chahrour, Leïla Chahrour, Ali Hout, Abed Kobeissy, Hala Omran

Choreograph and Director: Ali Chahrour

Music: Two or The Dragon (Ali Hout, Abed Kobeissy)

Stage Design: Ali Chahrour, Guillaume Tesson

Lighting: Guillaume Tesson

Sound: Anthony Sahyoun, Fadi Tabbal

Director's assistance and Choreography: Chadi Aoun

Produytion: Ali Chahrour in Kollaboration mit Zoukak Theatre Company

A Koproduction by Zoukak Theatre Company and Arab Arts Focus / Studio Emad Eddin (Cairo) supported by Stiftelsen, Ford Foundation Napoli Teatro Festival, El Khalil Foundation, Kunstfest Weimar und der Académie libanaise des beaux-arts Alba

With support by Beit El Laffé, T-Marbouta, Mezyan, Barzakh

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Ort Ringlokschuppen | Am Schloß Broich 38 | 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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