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Dance Workshop
Saturday 02. September 2023, 13.00 Uhr at VHS
Saturday 14. October 2023, 13.00 Uhr at vier.zentrale
Saturday 18. November 2023, 13.00 Uhr at VHS
Saturday 16. December 2023, 13.00 Uhr at vier.zentrale

Info: Workshop Series | 4 dates on Saturday from 1 to 4 pm

People are involved in intercultural communication between individuals of different social status or cultural background. Intercultural communication is also evident in many artistic works, as artists are involved in intercultural dialogue. One medium of intercultural communication is dance. The culture, values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of a community cannot be fully expressed verbally. Visual arts such as music, dance and other performing arts can therefore become useful tools that serve a wide range of non-verbal communication. In these workshops, SUR aims to use ambiguity in the interpretation of dances such as salsa, pechanga and Afro beats. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about different (dance) cultures while exploring the methods of fitness dance that contribute to the beauty, richness and diversity of this workshop.

Information on Registration at VHS Mülheim:

Sandra Clemens und Ludmila Scherbakov
Tel.: 0208 455-4321/-22

Mail: vhs-anmeldung[a]

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