Overdose – The Show of Pain and Joy

kainkollektiv / Collective Ma’louba / boat people projekt

Performance / Theater / Tanz
Friday 15. January 2021, 20.00 Uhr Premiere
Saturday 16. January 2021, 20.00 Uhr

Info: German, English, Arabic and French

Polynice Ringlokschuppen Gruppe1 K, Copyright Björn Stork

A vast stage inhabited by a group of people: A writer, a composer, a painter and a narrator. They all serve the oracle in the centre of the room. Three travelers arrive on the scene. All occupied with their own concerns. All coming from their very personal experience of isolation. Will the oracle be able to help them? Will it provide answers to their questions? And will it show them, who they really are?

Seven performers, three languages, and some pains and joys – boat people projekt, Collective Ma'louba and kainkollektiv invite you to a theatre journey of voiceless singers, torn actors and non-performers.

The project was developed over a period of 10 months in collaboration between the three collectives and a diverse group of theater makers from Syria and Germany.

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