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Sunday 31. October 2021, 19.00 Uhr Sendung im Bürgerfunk Mülheim
Monday 15. November 2021, 14.00 Uhr Radiosendung
vier zentrale autobiografie, Copyright Storkfoto


Broadcast dates

Freies Radio Wüste Welle

Thursday, November 18th | 2 pm

Saturday, November 27th | 3 pm

Friday, December 10th | 7 pm

The program was broadcast on Radio Nordpol on the first of November 2021. You can still download the program in the radio archive at: https://radio.nrdpl.org/2021/1...

Following the first reading of fragments of their ongoing autobiography project, the Women Empowerment Network have been invited to carry out a series of readings, comprised of four different sessions, held at the vier.zentrale. The purpose of these excerpts is to give a first-hand insight into the presenters‘ lives. The readings will provide the audience with an insight into how the experiences of these migrant women have shaped them as persons. Furthermore, it provides information on an important time in history. Through this exercise, the women establish themselves vis à vis the world. Their stories serve as an important inspiration that positions their identities within the diasporic space.


Autorinnen: Bridget Fonkeu, Claire Hofmann, Diana Zaza, Lolita Agatep-Foy, Maha Zeidan, Mariam Mohammed Al-Ali, Nada Mahmoud, Safeiah Ahmad, Soltana Baku, Sediqi

Übersetzungen Arabisch/Deutsch: Maha Zeidan, Nadia Nassani, Mohammad Ahmad, Mohammad Rehawi

Übersetzungen Englisch/ Deutsch: Margarethe Lavier, Sigrun Rottmann, Claudia Wegener

Workshops, Konzept und Leitung
: Margarethe Lavier, Sigrun Rottmann, Claudia Wegener

Technische Realisation Audio/Radio: Claudia Wegener/ radio continental drift

Musik: Crystal DJ Kwe Favel

Technik Event & Studio: Ringlokschuppen Ruhr

Projektleitung: Bridget Fonkeu/Silent University Ruhr, Andrea Friedrich/ Ringlokschuppen Ruhr

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